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Our Goal has been to supply you with a probiotic product that tackle and solve most of modern society digestive challenges.

Back in time we all eat the same probiotic strains from nature, young people eat less and older people eat more. That is way Probioform can be used by the whole family, you just change the dosage.

Probioform gives what nature intended just as eating natural wild and living food.

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Who Will Benefit From Probiotics?

Our modern life style effect our gut health that is why so many of us experience digestive problems. Some of the challenges is antibiotics, pesticides, conservation, industrial production, microwave, cooking, frying and stress.

That is why almost no one today has a perfect digestion and a healthy microbiome. Probioform is created to support and reestablish optimal digestive environment and function.

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Probiform for health

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Optimal health

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Probioform comparison chart

Probioform Yes No Probiotic pills
Unprocessed and living bacteria, never freeze-dried Processed bacteria in hibernation, freeze-dried
Natural balance of bacterial strains Manipulated combination of bacterial strains
No risk of overgrowth of single strains Risk of overgrowth of single strains
Starts to multiply within 15 min with exponential growth Need up to 10 hours for potential activation
Vegan source Can be sourced from humans or animals
No fillers, dairy, sugar or gluten Can contain fillers, dairy, gluten and maltodextrin
No additives or preservatives Can contain additives and preservatives
No refrigeration needed Refrigeration often required
Balances down candida, with Wild yeast No wild yeast

Powder or Liquid?

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Clients Reviews

More and more people around the world is getting helped by Probioform. Share your experience send us your story today.


I started using Probioform back in 2015 when I was experiencing digestive issues and a gradual decline in my energy levels. I had worked with many different brands of probiotics in my practice but heard about Probioform and decided to…

Eva Svarverud Naturopath

The feedback that we get from customers who have purchased Probioform is amazing; a lot of people have been suffering from digestive issues for sometimes up to 10 years and are finally getting a long-term relief. We get reports of…

Marianne Tveitan Clinic owner

I first tried Probioform 7 years ago. I remember I took two tablespoons the first time, and already that same day I could notice something was changing in my gut. Already after three days, my constipation started to let go.…

Dan Uhrbom Author of ”Wild Food”

After having used Probioform for only three days, I could notice a significant change in my bowel movements, and my constipation started to let go. I have now used Probioform daily for two years, and my digestion and bowel movements…

Stig Levin Researcher

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