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Book Online - Find and book convenient parking spots near your destination for hassle free parking of your motor. Prepay for your spot and get a parking pass instantly via text, email, or the app.


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  • Rent out your parking space by Earn thousands a year by renting out your empty parking space.
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Paying toll made easy now by Pay using Credit/Debit card or Wallet and get instant exist at toll gate


In APP Features

Police Login
End-User Login
Toll Login

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Opportunities for on road Accident

Half day to remove a car from the road in case of accident (without injured )

Opportunities for Traffic Control

To remedy the traffic problems and to open up prospects for road surveillance.

Our vision

To be a pioneer in Africa for providing efficient public and administration services for car and motorist drivers in Cotonou through one-stop- shop application on mobile.

Product specification Vehicle 2.0 Parking and Toll

  • Enhances customer service/customer satisfaction
  • Increased rate of filling parking spaces
  • Improved the profit
  • Prevented excess queues at car parks

Product specification Vehicle 2.0 Parking and Toll

For drivers and citizens:

  • Improved traffic flow
  • Improved road safety
  • More convenient to drivers
  • Reduced parking time
  • Reduced atmospheric and noise pollution

Product specification Vehicle 2.0 Parking and Toll

  • Managing Login:
    / Users registration/Parking owner/Authorities/
  • Usage:
    Online Payment/ Notificatons / automatic booking parking space/
  • Admin Management:
    Dashboard /update users /Consulting / Maintenance

Market Size ( Example of Cotonou)

We already had 2 trips to Cotonou and 2 cumulated weeks interview with local actors in Cotonou/Benin.

Swot analysis

Provides Reliable and Safe Communication System

Parking apps help drivers to show one of the nearest available parking spots. Plus, these apps help to save commuters’ time, fuel and money while easing the flow of the traffic. Talking about the most core feature, a reliable and safe communication system is all-time required when it comes to car parking app development.
Therefore, if you are planning to create parking space apps, then you need to include the following attributes under communication system, which would be worth it, and these are:

Technical Support
Notifications Via Messaging Technologies:-

Web Admin

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • Java Script, JQuery

Mobile APP in both OS

  • Android (Java / Kotlin)
  • iOS (Swift)

Wire Frame & Design


  • MySQL

In a similar way, add the best navigation routes with suitable parking spaces, as it could be very helpful for app users or drivers. In a nutshell, we can say that an ideal parking app must come up with a reliable and safest communication system, which can provide convenience to users eventually.

Control System

An ideal car parking app must heal different pain points and problems faced by drivers on a daily basis. From ‘where to park’ option to in/out privileges to payments.
Therefore, in order to become the top in the list of the best parking apps, Control System is the next important feature, which startups need to consider. This feature will provide the driver or user of the car parking app with up-to-date information and notifications regarding the process of parking directly to the user’s device.

The Concept of Safety

When it comes to safety, then it is always an essential feature which startups can’t neglect no matter what in their parking space finder app. The collected individual data from the driver’s device must be highly protected from the viruses. Also, the cloud information of parking spot finder app must be protected from the unauthorized usage..

Simplicity Must Be There in The Car Parking App

In parking mobile apps, the most pivotal feature to provide is easy access to the complicated navigation system. The foremost thing is that the screen status should not block the key elements of mobile device navigation, plus drivers or app users should not be distracted.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Parking Mobile Apps?

Undoubtedly, the concept of car parking apps is vast, and it can be long-term projects, which startups need to fill up with up-to-date information and the fast connectivity tools on regular basis.
Now, you must be having a question in your mind – how much does it cost to develop parking apps, how long does it take to make an app, mobile app development cost estimate, then the answer lies here as it simply relies on multiple factors and features like functionalities, platform (Android or iOS) and it may also vary developer to developer that you hire for your project.
So, if you have decided to make your own car parking mobile app and want to discuss your idea, then it would be better to consult a trusted mobile app development company that have a dedicated team of full-stack developers.


The data stored in mobile wallets is encrypted, meaning your actual card account numbers aren't transmitted while making a payment.


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