Our mission

Our mission is to provide an affordable option for high school athletes who have the desire to continue their career, a viable opportunity to showcase their talents and get noticed by college coaches.

Every year millions of high school student athletes graduate with a desire to continue their careers at the next level. With over 8 million student athletes, it can be difficult to get noticed, especially if you live in a small community.

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Next level Recruiting

Your guide to the next level

Our Priorities


Our job is to make sure our athletes are at their mental and physical best at all times. Besides giving you, the student athlete, a place to exhibit your talent, we want to create a safe environment for you to share your profile with friends, family, and fans.

Every coach/recruiter that is registered with the site will be verified/confirmed with the institution/organization they claim to represent. Also, because of the unique social media aspect of our site, we will only allow positive feedback/constructive criticism. Any inappropriate images, negative messages, and comments will be deleted. Accounts that engage in this activity will be subject to termination.

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Join next level recruiting for only %19.95/Month. Save 17% joining for $199/Year. Membership fee includes:

  • Access to over a variety of 25,000 college coach contact information from juco to di.
  • Create your very own bio with stats, videos, and pictures for recruiting coaches.
  • Become familiar with all ncaa, naia, juco requirements.
  • Access to recruiting process resources.
  • Access to step by step requirements for grades 6 – 12.
  • Access to letter of interest template for coaches.
  • Access to nutritional, training, and motivational tips.

Coming soon to Next Level Recruiting. New social media access. Connect with family, friends, coaches, competitors and fans. For no additional cost!

Free Evaluations

We are happy to provide free evalutations to our potential atheletes to assess their abilities and talent

Coaches Database

Jumpstart your own recruiting process by contacting 25,000 coaches directly

Recruiting Tips

Discover recruiting tips for young athletes to increase your chances of being discovered by coaches