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It started with a text.

On June 30th 2017 I got a text from my best friend stating “I don’t want to live anymore”. We have been friends since we were 10 years old. He is one of those friends I can always go to with any problem I have. I have watched him be successful in both school and athletics which led him to be a top division one athlete with promises for a long professional career in sports. The minute I heard him say those words I flashed back to the time we were 10 years old skating on the lake together and I thought to myself there’s no way this could be him. After 14 years of friendship I never saw this coming.

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Our Mission

Talk About Depression is a non-profit transforming how we talk about depression and suicide. We empower people with tools, resources, and conversations to change the way the world talks about mental health

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TAD Tools

Our tools are being created to give people the ability to learn, assess, and discuss mental health and depression. Help us make this the best it can be and give us feedback because powerful perspectives shared create change. If you give us your opinion you will be considered a TAD ambassador with future benefits to help share what we are up to.

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How to know someone is suffering from depression.

Understand the severity of depression symptoms for you or your friend, afterwards resources will be available to inform you about how to follow up.


Find support near you.

Research shows individuals demonstrate significant or full recovery after spending time with social and professional support systems.


Who's Talking About Depression?

By sharing your personal story or thoughts about depression, we can open up a new conversation to show others that they are not alone. All thoughts matter; all voices matter, and every story is important to be heard. Below you’ll find some thought-starter questions about Mental Health and Depression. This is a safe and nonjudgmental space to share because we believe that powerful perspectives shared through a story, make change possible. All submissions will be reviewed before being posted on our website.

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What is Depression?

See here to learn more about Depression. Learn what depression is and some of the ways we can see how it can affect someone in their daily life. We are focused on giving you the best information anywhere from social media, short videos, or the highest quality links to medical information on depression from the Mayo Clinic.

Depressed Mood: Smiling on the Outside
Major Depressive Disorder: More than just the blues
Bipolar Disorder
Depressed Mood: Smiling on the Outside
Major Depressive Disorder: More than just the blues
Bipolar Disorder

How To Connect With Depressed Friends

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The power of vulnerability

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