PEMF Wellness Technology

When healthcare professionals need to rely on technology that delivers consistent results day after day and year after year, the choice is clear: the PEMF8000 Pro is the number one PEMF device in its class among chiropractors, clinics, and even households. We firmly believe that the height of sophistication is simplicity. With strict adherence to this philosophy, we have designed the PEMF8000 Pro from the ground up to provide intuitive operation through a simple and durable control dial that doesn’t get in the way of your therapy session.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy with our PEMF device effects have been the subject of numerous studies in the following areas of therapy:

  • Relief of Chronic Pain
  • Enhanced Healing Process
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Enhanced Oxygenation
  • Bone Healing
  • Learning Changes
  • Scar Reduction
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Stress Reduction
  • Brain Function
  • Anti-Oxidant Stimulation
  • Repair of Soft Tissue
  • Improved Cellular Energy
  • Muscle Relaxation

About Our PEMF 8000 PRO ?

About Our PEMF 8000 PRO

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What is the PEMF 8000 Pro ?

In 1992, Dr. Andrew Bassett, one of the pioneers of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, stated “in the decades to come, bio-electromagnetics will assume a therapeutic importance equal to, or greater than, that of pharmacology and surgery today”.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is based on existing studies published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other respected sources. The PEMF8000 Pro is the synthesis of our decade-long efforts in research and development, to advance known PEMF technology and make it even more effective. Special attention went into making our PEMF device user-friendly, while keeping the initial investment cost reasonable to make it accessible, not just to large practices but also to home users. The technology of our PEMF8000 Pro has a proven track record backed by numerous studies across the globe. The following are excerpts of some of the most prominent research published on the subject:

The PEMF8000 Pro generates an electromagnetic field that pulses at high speed. This electromagnetic field is able to penetrate deep into the tissues. This interaction in turn creates a flow of electricity at microcurrent levels and speeds exceeding 100 nanoseconds per pulse.

The microcurrent that flows through the damaged tissue inhibits bacteria and decreases inflammation, allowing cells to improve their bio-functions, taking in clean nutrients and removing dangerous toxins more effectively.

Treatments applied with the PEMF8000 Pro produce immediate results.  Chronic pain patients typically experience relief after just 60 seconds of therapy.  This relief is not only immediate, but also long-lasting. In fact, patients feel better for about 3 days following a single application.

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I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I love this machine. I have been treating my knees every day and am in absolutely NO PAIN. Considering I couldn’t go to the mailbox when I got it and every step was painful…..this is a miracle. I also used it on my shoulder and had the same results. I can’t begin to thank you for the time you took explaining everything to me. It was a real pleasure to meet you and I can never thank you enough. Both you and the machine are a blessing! Wishing you all the best and if you ever come my way, please give me a call and I’ll take you to dinner.


The Pemf 8000 has been a great success and is in daily use by family and friends. We have discovered that as well as resolving muscular and joint problems it is also a valuable mood elevator.. My only problem is getting time on the machine as my kids want to monopolize it!


Hi Andy, I have my 8000 and I use it daily with positive results. I am 85 years old and I do not have the aches and pains that many people much younger than me. I will be making my first trip away from home since I received my machine and the 8000 will definitely be on board. Everybody should have one.


Wanted to let you folks know, how offering the PEMF8000 Pro treatments has put my business through the roof. We have almost daily new clients calling us, because the heard from friends and relatives about the amazing result it has given them. We’ll open a new (3rd) office in Tampa soon and we are ready to order our fourth unit. Thank you for a great device and a fantastic customer service

Dr. Mike L. FL

I have easily gained about 10% muscle volume since using your machine in combination with my daily work out and nutrition. It amazes me how this device keeps me energetic and active and at the same time helps me to relax and keeps me pain free even after an excessive full power body work out. Can’t wait to show you when I see you next time

Aria CA

Hi Andy, I would like to write a testimony for this PEMF device helping our family. For years I have suffered from this horrendous and debilitating condition and this PEMF device has been god send. Whenever I have a migraine attack, the symptoms quickly dissipate when I hold the loop near my head. It has also helped for my 25-year old daughters uterine/ appendix cramps after 15 minutes of treatment. She also used it for her toothache. My son noticed that holding the loop on his stomach alleviated nausea that he sometimes experiences after eating. My husband noticed that it helped for his tooth, neck, back, shoulder and knee pain.

Liane V. Canada